Where Is The Love Greenland?

Posted: August 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

I wanted to include this in the post I just published. The only problem is the only common denominator are stats. Over the weekend I reviewed my blogs stats over the years and I was surprised to see in four years I have never had a visitor from Greenland. Needless to say my surprise turned to irritation throughout the weekend. 

I believe my irritation is coming from how large the country is. When I look at my visited map everything except for Greenland is lit up. Year after year not one visitor from Greenland. I tried to fool my narcicisom with the delusion that no one in Greenland has access to the internet… well we know this is completely mental, but I needed something to explain this huge gap in my map. 

My solution is this post. I will Trojan horse my words into that country by writing a post about it. How many Greenlanders will I lure into reading this? Will my narcisistic hole finally be filled?


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