An Endless Journey Trying to Reach The Carrot of Happiness dangling in Front of Me 

Posted: November 3, 2017 in Poems, Poetry, Uncategorized
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I have been lost in this forest of despair 

Confused I couldn’t find my way

His voice intensely screaming 

Investing our minds

Maggots on rotting flesh

Sly as a fox

The Pied Pipers soothing songs

Disoriented following around

Thinking of places, faces, and things which do not exist

The hand of the lost

Reaching for the lost

Wrapped in a tiny pill

Trying to pull me out of the darkest regions of this infested mind

Seeing the world through foggy lenses 

Slowly leading me back in line

Should I thank the indoctrination centers for the mentally ill

Should I condemn these pills

Adorning me in sheep’s clothing 

I resent the madness which makes me weak

I resent the pills for stealing my voice… my words

With no intentions of giving them back

The pills are the carrots so close yet the journey is endless 

Replaced with unnerving sanity 

Fuck the universe for fracturing our minds

Fuck the thieving bastards who stole my voice

Fuck these pills full of false hope

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