I started this blog almost ten years ago. My ultimate goal has always been to write from my mind and heart with complete honesty. Over the years my writing has produced so many bad outcomes I am left to ponder on whether or not to continue writing. 

When I write I do not hold back, and as a result around two years into this adventure I changed my blog to include a pen name in hopes this will minimize the damage caused. For the most part this worked, but the feedback I would receive was negative. My wife has always worried about our kids or our children’s parents reading my deeply personal musings. This fear caused me to stop writing all together, and my blog just sat out there in limbo. 

Writing has always been cathartic and therapeutic. Ever since I started to have real feelings I slowly began to write again. Last night my wife told me that our 13 year old son and his friends have discoverd and read many posts, and was told my writing has caused my son’s friends parents to not allow their kids to be friends with him.

This was a devastating blow because my intentions are good, and I find it sad that other parents are so judgmental they punish him for the sins of his father. 

It is decision time. As I see it my options are to cease and desist my blog and any future damaging posts, or continue to write from my mind and heart with complete honesty. 

  1. I tend to write in a similar way… I just speak my truths. Yeah, I’ll go and use an initial or nickname or something when mentioning someone, but if you are a person who knows me in day to day life, you’ll know it’s me here. Anyway, I got to stressing someone finding me here some time ago and my solution was to change my settings so only people who request to read my stuff can read it.

    Just figured I’d toss that out there as an option. I fully understand the benefits of writing and would hate for you to lose this as a place where you can go and be you and speak your thoughts because some people are incapable of extending understanding and basic human decency. And on a selfish note, I like reading your stuff, so yeah, I’d be bummed if you vanished.

  2. I do have a few that still show up when searched, but they now have a ‘note’ that says something about blocked text or robots or something. I forget. Anyway, even though they still show up, if someone clicks and goes to view from from there, they get redirected to here and then told they need to both sign in and be approved to read my stuff. I think only the title of a post shows up now in searches or maybe even less than that… it might just be my blog name. Whichever it is, it’s not enough for anyone to see what I’m talking about and that makes me a happy camper 🙂

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