Blow My Candle Out

Posted: November 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

For people like me surviving to suffer through another day is a constant battle. We can all tolerate the occasional bad hand, but when you have to constantly navigate this fucked up life working with a shitty hand one tends to draw a line in the sand that once crossed then we know it’s time to fold. I am fucking sick of shitty hands and should have folded years ago. 

So bid me adieu it’s been a shitty ride no one should endure and plans are in place to get off this shitty ride. 

  1. Shari Hanson says:

    NO. please keep fighting.. .What do you have to lose to keep fighting? Do not allow the demons to win. You are stronger than them.

  2. …been awhile… wondering how you are doing…

    • Thank you for checking in. I am not all that great. My doctors are under medicating me which has caused my mind to implode. Add in the absence of holistic medicine (skunky funky green) anxiety worse agoraphobia is crippling. I abandoned my blog after feeling content with my final words which was supposed to be my last post. Long comment short I was too weak to end it leaving me to feel embarrassed

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