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I discovered this weekend my mental illness may have been misdiagnosed. I may suffer from an autism spectrum disorder called asperger syndrome. My wife has been saying for years she thinks I may suffer from such an issue. I scored 197/200 on the test.

Since I was diagnosed with a mental illness back in 1993; the doctors have changed my official diagnosis time and time again. I have been told by every med doctor and therapist that I have the most complex mental illness they have ever encountered. I remember one therapist I had years ago, was so intrigued by me; when I ran out of insurance he offered to see me for free. I have been frustrated with the lack of relief from the symptoms for many years. I have been fortunate enough to have been prescribed almost every single medication to treat any and all diagnoses. If I can draw anything from this experience; I can say I have an extensive knowledge of mental disorders and treatments.

When my wife brought this up to me a few years ago; I did not pay it too much attention. When I think of autism I think of Rain Man. I know for certain I do not behave in such a way so I figured she was confused. Yesterday she read some information to me on this particular form of autism. I was shocked to find out I fit the symptoms in every single form. We decided I should take a test to see what I would score, and review the feedback. I scored extremely high. I will be scheduling an appointment with my doctors for follow-up tests.

I felt a little douchey after I saw my score, but after some thought, I think I prefer this diagnosis over my current one. I know the stigma which comes along with my current diagnosis is very bad. I once got “laid off” the very next day I commented to my co-workers I did not appreciate their rude comments over mental illness because I suffer from it. When people find out my diagnosis I can see them look at me differently. I would think with aspergers, I would not get the same reaction.

You never know they have been wrong before.