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Does anybody know what a slow clap moment is? If you can remember movies such as “Lucas” or “Rudy” you will remember the movies ending with such a moment. A slow clap moment is when one person starts to clap really slowly then speeds up the clapping. This causes a chain reaction where everybody in the room also begins to clap until the entire area of people are all clapping. I saw these things as a child and I believed this type of situation was actually a reality. I always dreamed of having this type of moment, but sadly in thirty-one years I had never experienced one. Because of my mental illness I have a hard time distinguishing reality from fantasy. When I watch a movie or television show I end up believing this fantasy world is actually real. I take the fantasy from these worlds and apply them to reality creating the world I live in on a daily basis. My wife needs to constantly remind me that these things are not real. I was getting close to giving up this dream until this last Saturday where my dream finally came true.

I remember telling my oldest sister about two weeks ago about my sadness over never experiencing this type of moment. She laughed a little over this because it sounded silly to her. I never would have expected she would contact everyone in the family and planned to pull off a slow clap moment for me at our Christmas party. When it was my turn to open my gift from her she stood up and made a little speech then to my surprise when she finished she started to slowly clap. Right after she started clapping soon one-by-one everyone in the family started to clap along until the entire room was clapping in unison. I was at first blushing then the reality hit me that a dream I always wished for but knew would never happen became a reality. I was so happy. Thank you sis this was one of the greatest gifts I had ever received.

This was one of the best Christmases I have ever had. For the first time in ten years my entire family was together on Christmas Eve. All of my family except for my oldest sister lives in Bemidji Minnesota. This is about a four to five hour drive, and we really do not see each other too much, let alone being all together at the same time. It makes me sad that I do not have a better relationship with my parents and siblings. I feel a bit out of the loop on the times we do spend together. I almost feel like an outsider looking in, regardless of this I still tried to soak up every moment of it. I got a great gift from my mom, and the kids were all excited for their gifts, it was a great time.

I was more excited this year than any other over the gifts we got our children, and the gift I got for my wife. I have been counting down the days until Christmas morning. I think I was more excited than my kids were this year. We got my oldest son an iPod Touch, my daughter got an electric scooter and a video camera, and my youngest son just got a shit load of small things which added up to big things. As a gift for the entire family we bought an Xbox 360 Kinect and a few games.  I got my wife this really nice Eco-Citizen Drive watch, and I was so excited for her to open it. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I am not sure if she liked it as much as I thought she would. I just loved seeing their faces and the excitement of getting the gifts they asked for. I sat there wondering if they realized how great they have it. There are many families out there that are not as blessed as we are. I just hope they realize that.

All in all it was a great Christmas, and I hope all my readers had just as great of a Christmas as we did.