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It is cold and lonely in here. Locked away, as easy as being thrown away. If there is a God why would he play such a sadistic trick on me… I am the puppet he abuses when he becomes filled with anger and Wrath.

My existence, the reality of my existence so short and insignificant. In the grand scheme of things my life is but a short dull blip when compared to the cosmos.

My life holds no meaning when compared to this. Turning inward I ponder if this is what my short insignificant meaningless existence is. Honestly is this all it fucking is? Will there be anything else… anything more to this shit show?

Here is the face of evil and part of an ongoing blog series recounting the horrible story.


Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the cosmos. When I was sixteen I signed up for a subscription of “Astronomy” magazine and I soaked up the knowledge within. I think I was interested into it so much was because many of the concepts blew my mind. There is one concept in particular which I find the most interesting is the distant measurement of a light year. A light year is how far light travels in one year. Light travels at 671 million miles per hour. Just to give another example of the massive scope there is another unit of measurement called a parsec which is 19 trillion miles of 3.26 light years.

I was just thinking about one part of Einstein’s theory of relativity. This theory says it is possible to travel into the future. Let’s say you were to get into a spaceship and travel at the speed of light heading out into space for fifteen days. After the fifteen days you would turn around and head back to earth taking another 15 days to return to earth. Upon your arrival you would have aged by thirty days, but back on earth everyone else aged by thirty years! This theory is pretty straight forward, but when you sit and think about this concept it can play with your mind a bit.

I agree with this theory even though there are times I have trouble wrapping my mind around it. There are days I sit here thinking to myself; this makes perfect sense. We are able to look into the past every night when we go outside and look at the stars. If you go outside and look for Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, which is the closest galaxy to The Milky Way Galaxy at approximately 25,000 light years away. The light you are seeing is 25,000 years old. This would mean every night we are catching a glimpse from the past.

There is an interesting fact about this galaxy which also blows my mind. The galaxy is getting torn apart by the gravitational field from our galaxy. The gravitational pull of our galaxy is so strong it is destroying something 25,000 light years away. This distance is 7,669 parsec’s away; remember one parsec is 19 trillion miles! I also believe this galaxy is orbiting around us but I am not certain about this. If this is the case then everything is orbiting around something else. Would this indicate there is a center of the universe where everything orbits around like a solar system or galaxy?

The vastness of the universe, and the things she contains are endless and beyond human understanding. When I think of the Tao I think of this proposed center where everything rotates around. I believe this center is where the Tao originates from. I have a friend who believes in this center and thinks when you die your soul travels to this center and stays there until you are ready to live again. I like to think we all travel back to the center of the Tao.