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Far too often we run into issues where people attempt to change us, or we seek desperately to change ourselves. These attempts bleed negatively into our lives. The more you try to forcefully change things the more complicated things become. We are not flowing with the Tao we are resisting it. This is not to say change is not possible, I know this because I am not the man I was ten years ago. I have grown and changed my inner self. These changes were made not because of force; they just were. This is healthy change because it is natural. It is change when change was meant to be.

The more you focus on the negative parts of someone the positives tend to get lost. For better or worse I am who I am, I need to be proud of my positives and be aware of my negatives. I have gone through my entire life hearing about my negatives. I have lost my self-worth. It is so easy to put someone down for there faults. The more you do this to someone the harder it becomes for the person to see their positives.  

I can no longer allow this type of cycle in my life. I need to surround myself with people, who love and appreciate my strengths, while loving me and holding me up from my weaknesses. The Rambling Taoist told me one time he is aware of his strengths, while also being aware of his limitations. I need to accept my own personal limitations, and be at ease with them. We cannot always be the person people want us to be, but we can be content with who we are without succumbing to others negativity.