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I purchased a 120 gig iPod a year and a half ago. The iPod I previously had around 20 gigs of music, being the obsessively compulsive person I am I needed to completely fill it up with songs. I also needed to rank each song based off the star ranking system. It took me about a year to load it to capacity, and once a month I would go to Amazons 100 best seller list and purchase every album. I currently have 18k songs; if I remember correctly it will take me around three months straight to listen to every song. This is my most prized possession, and I do not know what I would do if I lost or broke it. I would weep for days.

I was not able to get more albums, since the pod was full. I am still checking Amazon, which has resulted in a three page list of albums I need to get. I just recently deleted all my one and two star songs to free up some space. Afterwards I was left with six gigs, four of which I used that day. This brought back my neurotic behavior of rating every song, but was much worse because it had to be done. I listen to my pod at work; so out of my eight hour day on average I am able to listen to it for five hours. I have been doing this for a year and a half; I have barely made a dent in it.

I have tried various different approaches; randomly picking artist and albums, shuffle by song and albums, alphabetically by artist, and my new one alphabetically by album. I have found through all this that I am having a really hard time rating songs one star, so I am able to delete them. I think in my head “what if one day I really want to listen to this song,” or “what if one day I will be with someone who really wants to listen to this song?” This nagging thought in my head keeps me from getting rid of garbage songs, thus I can not free up space. I think I need a life coach to sit in my office and say “really, you seriously need to keep that?” I figure he could degrade me enough to let go of these songs.

I really just hope one day I am able to get through every song on my iPod. I would feel such a sense of accomplishment. I do worry it will get to the point where there is no more space, and I will be forced to buy another one. I wonder if the show hoarders would do a show on me, perhaps the show obsessed. Either way I do need to shed some of this shit music I have on here.

Does anyone else have this problem?