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What do you believe in creationism or evolution? I think the answer to this question will weigh heavily on if you are religious or not. Personally I believe in evolution with a hint of creationism. I think for most people it has to be one or the other but in reality it can be both. I think the religious community is ferocious in defending the stance that we were created by God end of story. They in order to keep their faith have to listen to the Word, and the Word does not say there is evolution. The Bible says in Genesis that everything was created in six days, but does the Bible literally mean six days, or six days to God. If God has been around since the beginning of time I doubt he has the same method of time as we do. We base our time on the rotation of our planet around the sun, I am pretty sure God does not keep human time. I bring this topic up because of an e-mail I received from “God Thoughts Wired” and I was a bit annoyed with the stance pastor Brad was making. I think if we take his example a step further we could back him into a corner and force him to rethink for a moment. Below is part of his e-mail discounting evolution. 


-Pastor Brad

“Is this really true?  Well, you tell me.  When you honestly ask yourself “How did this chair get here?”  I suggest to you that the logical, reasonable and rational answer is…”Somebody made it.”  Am I right? 

And how ’bout the car you drive, “How did it get here?”  Again, I would suggest that the most logical, reasonable and rational answer is that “Somebody made it.”  Am I right?

The definition of the “scientific method” is, “that which is measurable, repeatable, and observable.  So…

Which is more “scientific,” the belief that human beings are here because “somebody made us?”  Or, is it more “scientific” to think that, “OVER A BAZILLION YEARS…WE JUST CAME TO BE.”


I laughed at the concept of this e-mail. He uses the example of a chair and a car. He asks his readers to answer the question on how these things came to be. He leads us to the conclusion because the car and the chair were made by someone then scientifically speaking we must have been created by someone. This is an example of the justifications religious people use to try and trick themselves into believing. Using a chair and a car as a scientific method to prove creationism is laughable! I would ask Pastor Brad this; “If we continue to use the scientific method then I ask you who made God?” He would not be able to say God has always been around because his whole point is everything must have been created by something else.  

I believe everything you see here today is a product of evolution. We as humans came to be who we are today because of evolution. Scientists have discovered many different skulls which show proof of evolution. These skulls can be traced from our oldest ancestor the chimpanzee all the way to our current skulls today. My father has always told me there is a missing link they have not found. I ask him this “where are the various different species of humanoids today? The skulls we have found are not ape and not human they are somewhere in-between, yet these sub-humans are no longer around. I think the best proof we can find on evolution is through DNA. It is a fact that our DNA is 96% similar to that of Chimpanzees. This similarity is closer than that of even chimps to gorillas.

Let’s take humans out of the equation and focus on the animal world. There are many different species of rodents. Many of these rodents show very similar DNA some more than others. If we look at where these rodents live we can see evolution within each one of these animals. They had to evolve to adapt in order to survive. These evolutions can take millions of years or a decade to take effect. You cannot deny evolution at work in the animal kingdom. There are countless records of animals evolving in order to survive. Why is it so hard to believe if animals are capable of evolving why we are not a product of evolution?

“Creationists make it sound as though a ‘theory’ is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night.”
Isaac Asimov

The thing I find funny is isn’t creationism a theory as well. According to the creationist this concept is not a theory but is indeed a fact. I laugh at this concept because there is no one alive, nor is there any scientific fact which points towards creationism. These individuals are getting their facts from a book which may or may not have been the Word of God. From my knowledge I think science has done a great job of moving forward to prove evolution is indeed a scientific fact.

I don’t know why religion has fought so hard against science only to be destroyed by it time and time again. When evolution is finally proven as a scientific fact then religion will have no choice but to accept this and move on. I think even with a fact starring them in the face some will still deny the truth, others will see that the Bible preached evolution all this time. The thing is this; evolution is a scientific fact. It cannot be denied. This is why I believe in evolution because it is tangible. It is so much easier to believe in this as opposed to a mystical puppeteer in the sky.

In the book “The Genesis Flood” it argues that creation was only six days and humans lived concurrently with the dinosaurs and that God created each kind of living being individually. I am not sure if this is actually in the Bible, or if this is one interpretation of the story. I know my dad and I will get into a heated debate when the conversation of evolution comes up. He becomes threatened and defends his beliefs tooth and nail. He tells me that scientists have all but agreed evolution is impossible because they have never found the missing link. I do not take very much stock in what he says because his main source of knowledge comes from FOX news and his religious and right wing political magazines. What I don’t understand is why Christianity can’t just get along with facts? I am sure if you comb through the Bible you can find a few verses that goes along with evolution. Religion could not argue the fact that we rotate around the sun, no matter how hard they tried, and before long they won’t be able to argue themselves out of the facts of evolution.

I will never have the answers to all the questions I have. My interpretation on how things went down is this. The 25th verse of the Tao Te Ching says “There was something formless and perfect before the universe was born.”  To me this explains pre-big bang. For whatever reason this formless and perfect energy erupted and the Tao gave birth to the universe. In the 4th verse of the Tao Te Ching it says “I do not know who gave birth to it. It seems to be the common ancestor of all; it is more ancient than God.” I think in giving birth to the universe Gods were created just as we humans were created. I guess this is what I think.