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My father came down to the cities a few weekends ago for a visit. I always enjoy when he comes down because we have some great theological and political discussions. He is one of the most intensely religious people I know. Our belief systems and political opinions are complete polar opposites. We will get into some heated arguments involving these subject.

My father is not your typical Christian. He is 100% against Sunday Christians, because he believes they have been deceived by Satan. He is very knowledgeable of the Word, and can repeat scriptures at the drop of the hat. He is a heavy dope smoker and is losing his memory so he can sometimes quote the same scriptures over and over again; which gets very annoying. He watches hours of evangelists on television finding various different ways to find out how they are not preaching what the Word really says. He will write letter after letter trying to show these churches the errors in their ways. He believes the seven letters referred to in Revelations is describing the major denominations out there. When he is not watching television preachers he is watching Fox News, and has some extreme political views as well with various different conspiracy theories, this also causes some heated debates.

On Saturday night he started to go off on his theory for why society has crumbled from within. He believes our downfall has to do when we threw God out of the schools and out of the government. He called us a Godless nation who has turned our backs on the Lord. Warning if we continue to turn our back on God; God will turn his back on us. I listened to his points of view as I always do. I would try to politely interject and give my views. Most of the times I do not bother because he refuses to let me finish a single thought. He is also completely unable to step out side of his belief system and look at things objectively.

It wasn’t until he brought up one of our major downfalls was our acceptance of homosexuality. He went on to say God hates the act, and compared our society to Sodom and Gomorrah. I immediately got filled with agitation, and could no longer hold my opinions back. I asked him why God would create a segment of the population he was predisposed to hate. He told me God does not hate the people he hates the act of homosexuality. I refrained my question asking him why God would create a segment of people who are predisposed to commit acts which he hates. His answer to me was people are not born gay; it is a learned behavior.

I had to scoff at this notion for the silliness it is. I tried to point out the existence of blatantly feminine men and obvious butch females. There is no way these are learned character traits. This has to be something these individuals are born with. We started to really get into it. He gave me the typical Sodom and Gomorrah references and said the famous quote “God made Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve.”  

This is a great example of why I will never accept the existence of God into my life. The fact people can read a book which teaches them to love their fellow man, yet teaches intolerance over something as trivial as being gay is a complete joke. I do not understand why in this day and age we have had such an issue with gay people getting married. The fact we are still debating the don’t ask don’t tell policy in our military is a joke. I could understand his concern if homosexuals were running around ass raping straight men in the streets. This would cause huge issues and a concern to the public. The facts are these things do not happen in the real world. Gay people are not sexual deviants who are a risk to be free in our society. Our world will not be affected in any way if we allowed gay’s to get married. Gay people deserve the right to go die in unjust wars just as straight men do. These things are facts yet because a book has some references to this as being bad; it cause’s our society to tweak out over the subject. How can my fathers claim that God has been thrown out of the government be true when that very same government is making laws based on what the Bible says?

One final thought. The Bible says one of the reasons for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was homosexuality was running rampant. God decided he hated this place so much he would rain down fire and brimstone. The question I have is why has he refrained himself from destroying us? The fire and brimstone episode was not the only reference to God destroying his children for naughty behavior. Why are we not being destroyed now? This is one of my arguments against the existence of God.

The ancient masters were profound and subtle.

Their wisdom was unfathomable.

There is no way to describe it.

One can only describe them vaguely by their appearance.

 Watchful, like men crossing a winter stream.

Alert, like men aware of danger.

Courteous, like visiting guests.

Simple as uncarved wood.

Hollow like caves.

Yielding, like ice about to melt.

Amorphous, like muddy water.

 Who can wait quietly while the mud settles?

Who can remain still until the moment of action?

Observers of the Tao do not seek fulfillment.

Not seeking fulfillment, they are not swayed by desire for change


I was completely lost the first couple times I read this verse, for some reason the meaning escaped me. I was reading it but I was not listening to it. I was trying so hard to force myself to understand it, and then it hit me. I was doing the exact thing this verse teaches us not to do. The fifteenth verse of the Tao Te Ching describes the state of enlightenment the sages of old were able to obtain. Their perfect alignment with nature and the Tao were unfathomable to those they came in contact with. In reading this book I can agree with this statement. The states of mind the sages have obtained and lived described by Lao-tzu are beyond my comprehension. It amazes me they were able to stay consistent with such a perfect way of life.

They had immeasurable impact yet did this subtly without action. The sages consistently lived in the moment aware of their surroundings. A winter stream is dangerous because the ice is very thin. The sage is watchful for cracks or changes and is consistently aware of the dangers around them. The sages consistently showed love and courtesy to all those they came in contact with. The sage stays in a constant state of pu the uncarved wood. They held onto their childlike way of thinking.

I am not sure the meaning of “hollow as a cave.” Could this possibly be living with an open mind? Yielding like ice about to melt incorporates living with the flow of nature. Nothing in nature can be rushed. We need to let go and just allow things to happen without force. Our purpose is to stay in harmony with nature; as shapeless as muddy waters. We need to learn to sit quietly while the mud settles; this shows patience and highlights the importance of remaining still. Muddy waters are allowing themselves to settle. This is the perfect order, the mud does not ask to settle just as much as the ice does not ask to melt; it just does.

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalms 46:10. 

This lesson in nature applies to humans as well. We are unfolding in a divine order we can not possible understand any more than the ice understands it is melting. Much like nature all we require will be provided in divine order. We need to let go of our desires and demands be aware of the present moment and trust in the Tao. We should all make stillness a part of our day. Sit back and imagine all your dreams and things you “need” to accomplish. Take these dreams and desires and just let them go; allowing them to come to you. When we give up the desire to control every facet of our lives and become an observer we are mastering the way of the Tao. If we stop talking and taking, instead become a listener and receiver; we are able to receive the wisdom of the Tao.

  How can a man’s life keep its course,

If he will not let it flow?

Those who flow as life flows know

They need no other force:

They feel no wear, they feel no tear,

They need no mending, no repair.

“The Way of Life According to Lau-Tzu” By: Witter Brynner

Give up struggling against the current and trust in the wisdom of the Tao.

A while ago I wrote a post about my current projects. Since then a few things have been finished and a few of my projects have been altered, because I am a shameful promoter I would like to give an update on my progress. Things have been progressing nicely although there are some tedious things causing me to dread the process. Feedback is always needed.

Dylan Thomas: This is a children’s book series written in poetry form. The goal is to create stories which appeal to ages 2-10. I want the rhyming and lush drawings to not only draw the kids in, but also make the stories enjoyable for the parents as well. I have completed the first story “Dylan Thomas: Finds His Courage.” Currently it is in the illustration phase and will be released the end of September. I hope to have the next installment “Dylan Thomas: Bedtime Songs” I hope to have this available for sale by February 2011 or sooner.

This series is probably the only way I will make any money from my writing, and hopefully this series will help me land a literary agent. The stories will follow the same flow as far as the rhyming poetry, but the illustrations will change. I think this is exciting because it will keep things fresh. The illustrator Jeff Chia has one more page to complete, and my sister Cailee is doing the editing. I hope to have everything but together by September 1st. This will allow me a month to ensure everything looks good on the actual book. I am a quarter done with the next installment.

Yin; A poetry chapbook chronicling my dark side. I have already finished this book, and should be released before November 2010.

This is completed with all poems in my journal. I just need to type and edit. I hope to have this out by November. I will either sell “Yin” and “Yang” separately or combine them into one book. If I were to combine them into one I would set it up where “Yin” is on one side and “Yang” on the other. I am planning on setting them up as pocket books.

Yang; A poetry chapbook chronicling my light side. I have already finished this book, and should be released before November 2010

Politico; Working Title This poetry chapbook focuses on my political and theological perspectives. This book is also finished with an expected release date before November 2010.

This book will contain my political, philosophical, and theological points of view. There is a website called Politico, so I am unsure if the name is copyrighted or not. If it is I will have to get their blessings to use their names. There were plenty political poems in “My Descent into Madness,” and seemed to be well received.

The Mind of a Madman: (working title) this is a novel written in poetry form describing the inner workings of a psychopath in the making, and his journey into madness, starting from the time of conception up until… the rest will be a surprise. This has been a difficult book to work on, the places these poems take me is very dark. If I spend too much time there I may become a product of my words.

I have been all over the place in writing this one. I am jumping around to different phases of the main characters’ life. I am planning on telling this story strictly in poetry form or if I should add some narrative to it. This is taking longer than I expected, because I can only stay a short time in this mans mind.

The Philosophy of Me: The life and mind of no one special: This will be a book based off 365 days of my blogging entries. This will appeal to my fans wanting all my entries in print, and introduce the site to new readers. I will also use this as part of my portfolio.

I received an e-mail from a reader saying she would purchase this even though it is just an edited version of my blog. I suppose if one person would enjoy it than others may as well.

My Journey Through Taoism; This will include every verse from the Tao Te Ching along with my quest into understanding and living the Tao. Many books are written by experts. I hope to relate to readers who are new to Taoism by explaining my journey seeking understanding. At the end of each chapter I will be including a poem based off the verse. I do not want to rush this; so I am unaware of a release date 

This will be written in real time chronicling my quest into understanding Taoism. This book is the reason I stopped adding verses in my blog. I don’t want too many books to cross pollinate. I am enjoying this project because I can spend a few weeks working on each verse which will really bring me closer to the Way. In writing this in the perspective of someone seeking the Way it may help others understand it better and assist them on their journey. 

The Humor In Theology; I was originally going to write a descriptive timeline and the evolution of religion. I realized this book would only appeal to a certain audience. I was becoming overwhelmed with the mighty scope of this project. I decided to stick with the theology aspect but instead write it in a humorous way. I think this will be informative as well as funny.

I changed this from a serious educational book into a comedy. I will look into religions of the past and current beliefs and point out the goofiness of what people believe. There is a religion in Africa which believed their God vomited up the entire universe. This is just one of the silly beliefs people hold onto. It is amazing how people completely abandon logic in the name of faith.

The Philosophy of Quotes: Everyone loves quotes, and it seems each person may walk away with different perspectives on the meaning of these quotes. This book explains my philosophical view on the meaning of quotes. I hope to turn this into multiple volumes; each volume will be broken down by letters of the alphabet. I am excited to take a deeper look at my favorite quotes. 

I thought I would enjoy this one, but I have been running into a little bit of frustrations. My mind will not shift into this mode, which is holding this bad boy up.

Deceived: (working title.) This book examines how the Christian religion has allowed itself to be destroyed by the word of man. I have read the Bible a number of times; once because of faith, once as a theologian, and once as a skeptic. You would be amazed how much the bible has been changed to not only create copyrights, but to change the original meaning of the “Word of God” to fit mans needs. This book will be written entirely on a non-biased theological way looking strictly at the Word.

If I want to properly do this one I will need to focus 100% of my attention on it. I will need to simultaneously read three to four separate versions of the Bible. I started this awhile back and read the first couple chapters of Genesis, and it made my head hurt. I really think this project has potential, but with the amount of time I have to work on my writing it would take a year or two and I am not sure if I want to make that type of commitment on something which may not reap what I sowed.

On a side note I have thought of releasing my poetry books with commentary as far as what I was feeling and the meaning. I tend to write in abstract ways and I have had people tell me they get lost in finding the true meaning. I just wonder if this is sacrilegious with poetry because poetry is meant to be subjective to the reader. I am worried my poems may lose some of its luster if I add commentary. On the flip side some of my dedicated readers may care enough to know the story behind the poem.

What are your thoughts? Do you think I may be wasting my time with some of these books? I am starting my quest today to find an agent and I wonder if they want to see complete projects or is a concept enough to wet their whistle.

I know I have expressed strong opinions on organized religion, and many of those opinions are harsh on the God of the Bible. Believe it or not I was not raised an atheist or taught to hate God; in fact I used to have a strong faith in God and his Word. My mother was not a religious woman to my knowledge and my step-father was Jewish, neither one projected their faiths upon their children. My father on the other hand was a devout born-again Christian. When he was around he would teach me His Word. I think because I saw so little of my father the time he would spend with me was the greatest, and if this is what made my dad happy then I knew it would make me happy if I believed and showed an interest in his passion. I would also go to a Baptist Church with my best friends parents on Sundays if we had a sleep-over, and later on when I moved in with them. I would eat up all the lessons they would teach me. I think at my age I was well versed in this religion. I was drawn into believing this religion in part because I feared going to hell, the unknown of death, and the comfort knowing there was someone looking out for my best interest. I never ask a thing from God, I believed in him without needing anything in return.

It wasn’t until I fell into despair and I called out His name, only to hear nothing in return. Things were rough with my stepdad; my father would be inconsistent in my life, and when I was moved around. This did not just happen once; it happened many times. I prayed for protection from my stepfather. I prayed to have my father in my life, and later prayed to be with my mother. As I continued to grow I prayed for reprieve from my mental illness, I prayed for relief from my inner suffering. I finally got tired of asking for shelter, and walked away. I figured either I was not worthy of his shelter, or he did not exist. If he existed and was allowing suffering to go on in my life and around the world; then I did not want to know such a God.

I still feared the great unknown of death; I feared the wraith of God, and being cast into a lake of fire. I started studying other religions; in fact it became an obsession of mine to find the truth. I think because of my rejection issues as a kid I took the rejection from God as the ultimate rejection. The more and more I would read the Bible I started to find holes in this belief system, perhaps it was my lack of faith, cynicism, or anger which turned me into an atheist.

If you read my book, you will see a lot of poems where even after all the disappointment and unanswered prayers I was still extending my hand to the lord; in hopes he would take my suffering away. Just like all the times before he did not answer me. The Bible says in a few places where Jesus is telling his people “if you ask the Father for anything in my name and it will be granted.” These verses tended to stick with me, and caused me to become angrier at Him.  

The one thing which stayed consistent with me was an indescribable hole inside my body. I no longer feared death and the unknown; I no longer feared hell. Once I was able to shed these two fears it opened my heart and mind to other religions such as the Tao. I could not be more content knowing I have found something to fill this hole. I am grateful I have found the Way.

I was watching “The Invention of Lying,” over the weekend. I thought to myself how intelligent of a movie this was. This touched on several interesting aspects of our society; most importantly the concept of religion. The movie takes place in a world without lying; everyone openly speaks the truth without barriers of any kind. The main character was a loser to his peers; until he was given the ability to lie, or “say things that aren’t.” The concepts which interested me the most is how lying affects our daily lives in many different ways; most notably our personal, work, and spiritual lives. I would like to touch on these topics and how they differ from this make-believe world compared to our society.

Personal: The characters of this film held nothing back when dealing with their fellow-man. If they thought something it came out of their mouths. In the beginning of the film the main character and lead actress met for a blind date. She was upfront about not being interested because he was short and chubby, and would not make a favorable genetic match. It was interesting how the main character responded to these insults; he showed no anger from being put down. This lack of anger seemed to be a cultural norm. I would imagine the absence of anger is a result of being born and raised with people consistently being honest. The people would be used to hearing how it really is, and would not be shocked if they heard a negative truth. Besides the lack of anger there are many different aspects of how our personal lives would be; one example would be infidelity. The people would not cheat, because they would have no option to lie about their infidelity. This would result in zero cheating. The divorce rate would drop dramatically, because you would always have honest open communication with your mate.

When he invented lying he was able to walk out of the bank with more money then what he had in his account. He was able to convince a woman who was out of his league to agree to sleep with him. He told her the world would end if they did not have sex. Throughout the movie you could see how he made people feel better about themselves by lying to them. He convinced his neighbor to not kill himself, by filling him with self-confidence. The examples are many in this film.

Work: The main character worked as a script writer for a movie company. The movies they had in this world were made based off historical facts. These movies were just narrated by someone. They did not have the concept of actors, because the actors would not be able to act. The writers at this studio could not create something based off their imagination; the concept of an imagination did not exist. In the film he was fired because the century he was assigned to was just to boring. When he discovered the ability to lie he created this completely out there script filled with lie after lie, everyone believed what he said. His ability to lie brought him unthinkable amounts of wealth.

Spirituality: The most interesting concept of this movie was the lack of any kind of religion; to me this means if no one was ever able to lie then it means it takes lying to create religion. The people believed once you died your life was over, this caused the people to greatly fear this aspect of the life cycle. The main characters mother was on her death-bed, and he was by her side comforting her. She was expressing how she was afraid to go into the unknown. He did what any good son would do; he lied. He told her a story about the man in the sky, and how when you pass away you are taken to him and live happily for eternity. This calmed and soothed his mother, so she was able to die in peace. There was a nurse who overheard what he was saying, and the story of the man in the sky spread like wildfire.

The people gathered outside his mansion demanding he relay the messages the man in the sky was saying to him. He was not prepared for this and had to quickly come up with things he was telling him. The funny part was he wrote these things on pizza boxes which looked just like the tablets Moses brought down from mountain. He went out to address the people; he described the man in the sky similar to what Christianity was. The people were relieved to know there was an afterlife. They became angry when they found out everything ever done was the doing of the man in the sky. At one point the people shouted “fuck the man in the sky,” because they found out all the bad things that happened to them were a result of the man in the sky. They became relieved when they found out all the good things which happened to them were also a result of the man in the sky. It was interesting to see how society began to change as this religious concept swept through the people.

“Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand.”
Karl Marx

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

Karl Marx

This is a clever movie; I recommend everyone see it. When you are watching the movie make sure you are studying the movie to catch everything beyond the comedy surface. I would like to hear what other things people noticed, or comment on what I brought up. The question I propose to you is this. Was the society better off without religion? Is a society of no lying better than a society with lying?

Listen here

With little cheer

We will all disappear

Within his inner ear

Dark barking deer

Show no fear

Wondering solar year

Gods appear

Earth like Pap smear

Bloody kings spear

His words sincere

His orders clear

Within one year

The judgement severe

The celestrial sphere

Will disappear

Poem from my upcoming book “Yin”

By: Tim Lundmark

“I see that you have a book on changes that have taken place in the bible. I’m thinking that you can answer some of the questions that keep me up at night. I am just looking for a short answer truthfully. I have friends that are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I have been studying with them, but grew up in a community church, so that is the background of the questions.
Obviously, from the question I haven’t read the entire bible and don’t have a huge understanding of it yet…but am working on it. I am just wanting to learn the “right way”
 1) is the true name of God Jehovah? And that is what He wants to be called??
2) Do we go to heaven/hell when we die?
Thanks, Dana


Very difficult question which will require a bit of explaining, I will try to keep this as short as possible. I study theology with as much of an open mind as I can, if I were to pick a religion to “follow” it would be Taoism, although I try to follow strictly in a philosophical, moral, and ethical fashion. The “big” three religions Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim all originated from the Old Testament. It is later on they branched out into different religions. I am not a fan of the big three, since they are responsible for many of the bloodshed in human history. During the various inquisitions the Christian/Catholic Churches were responsible for wiping out many of the “savage” beliefs, and it was not always peaceful. They suppressed free thinking by banishment, imprisonment, and death.

I think the issue with the Bible is it has been changed so many times to fit mans needs. The oldest translation of the Bible is the King James Version, since then it has been changed in minor ways for two reasons; they make minor changes so they can copyright it. The King James Version can not be copyrighted, like I said before they made minor changes to fit mans needs. The major change is we are taught we are saved by grace not works, this is simply not true.

I also have issues with the Bible because starting in the early 500 A.D. the Catholic Church ruled supreme next to the Roman Empire; they controlled which books made the Bible and which ones did not, and also controlled translations. The information they were relaying or what we know today may not be the “truth.”  They used fear mongering to make believers out of everyone, and one of the best tactics back then and still used today is the fear of hell and eternal damnation.

There was never meant to be a separation between Judaism and Christianity, many churches base many of their teachings upon the New Testament, and almost make it seem like ok we don’t need to follow the Old Testament, because of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins. Now as far as names go we have two separate names Yahweh (Judaism) and Jehovah (Christianity) Jehovah is mentioned many times in the Bible, but with each translation it has been used less and less and replaced with “LORD.” From what I know of Jehovah Witness, is you need to call God by his true name when praying. I do not think God cares what you call him, regardless he still listens.

 If you read some of Jesus’ teachings, he was not for worshiping in churches, he believed them to be unnecessary and run by charlatans. This is discussed in Revelations and described as the seven letters to the seven churches, or charlatans. These were the churches leading the people away from God (may be a bit off it has been awhile) I believe the seven churches to be the Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Evangelicalism (there are more denominations just using these main ones as examples)

I have read the Bible three times once as a believer, once as a theologian, and the other as a skeptic. I believe if you choose to be a Christian you need to follow the God of the Bible this means you choose no denomination and read and reread the Bible and trust the word. When you do this you will see many things wrong with the way HIS message is being perverted.

I do not believe in hell per say. The Bible describes something like hell, but was not meant to be used as it is today. The Bible says when Jesus comes the TRUE believers will be taken away, it states something regarding all the non-believers will be given another chance to believe and except God into their lives. I also believe regardless of what you believe we all seek the same destination, we just take different paths. These paths lead to the same place.

If you are seeking spirituality I recommend reading many different beliefs until you find the one your heart connects with, it will be then you know you are on the right path. If being a Jehovah’s Witness does not feel right to you, then it is not, and you should move on.

The Bible teaches us you reap what you sow, eastern religions share a similar teaching called karma. The lesson behind these teachings is if you do good, then good things will come. If you do badly, then bad things will be returned. These lessons are wonderful because it promotes followers to be good. I can not think of many people who desire bad things to come upon them. If we step outside of our belief systems, and examine this question on a theological basis; will we find it to be true? Is there some sort of universal law in play, or is it a product of the law of averages?

 I believe in karma, or reaping what we have sown, however I do not believe a higher power governs such things. I also do not believe it is a result of universal order. I think this teaching holds true because of a law of averages. If we live our lives doing good for others we are creating a positive environment for those around us. In return for our good deeds, the people in our lives will do good things for us. This type of behavior keeps us from obtaining any enemies who will wish us harm. If we live a life of crime, or one of selfishness we hurt those around us; making it unlikely they will be there in our times of need. We will burn all our bridges and in the process creating many enemies.   

 My dad was in town a few weekends ago. We were at a gas station getting some coffee. The employee who was on duty, was flying solo, and was clearly flustered with her work load. She was in the process of moving one of those huge coolers they put on display. In the process of moving this cooler the contents spilt all over the floor. I would guess this cooler had fifty plus pounds of ice inside, a few gallons of water and twenty sodas. The clerk had customers waiting in line, and had no choice but to leave it. The spill happened in front of the entrance to the store so there was a law suit risk since she did not have time to put out a warning sign.

 My father without a thought started to clean up the mess. He picked up every soda; swept the ice outside and dry mopped the remaining water. The clerk was so appreciative she did not charge him for his coffee and cigarettes. My dad and I debate religion all the time, and when we got to the car he used this immediate example as proof he was right in his beliefs. The religious teachings are therefore proven to be true; they see this as supportive evidence. I can not deny the evidence, I just question the involvement of forces beyond ourselves are at work.

 What do you think?

I am very interested in the story of Adam and Eve, because through objective theological logic we are able to debunk the Bible. In only 3 chapters, 80 verses, and 2,276 words of Genesis, the credibility that the Bible will lead us to salvation is therefore false. To compound this thought the Quran and Torah also are debunked since they all share the same creation story. Since these can be proven as falsehoods;  there is no need to continue the wars of separate beliefs. Further more the millions of people who died in the name of God; died for nothing.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26) Verse 26 the word “our” is used, this is speaking in a plural sense. If we look at it in a plural sense we can only draw two conclusions; either A.) it is referring to angels, or B.) there are multiple “gods.” I would gather they were speaking of angels, since Genesis starts out with “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.” If this is the case I wonder why there is no mention to the lives and events of the angels. It would also mean man was not Gods first attempt at creating creatures. It is possible it meant there were multiple gods, since the Bible is riddled with references of God being a jealous god and warning against worshipping false idols.  

 “So God created man in his own image,  in the image of God.” (Genesis 1:27) This verse is says He created man in his image, and prior used likeness. This draws on the question; if we are created in His likeness, and man is filled with hate, greed, murder, chaos, and a ton of other bad shit, then God would possess this as well. If god possesses these traits then he cannot be omnibenevolence. This is not the only example which calls into question Gods omnibenevolence. He would not have created evil, knowing the horrible things evil brings. There would not be a hell, because he would never allow suffering.

It is in the rest of the story we discover undeniable proof the Bible is false. God is omniscience, and has the ability of omnipresence. God created man, and loved him unconditionally. He created Eden, and placed upon it the tree of knowledge, and the tree of life. If God has the capacity to know everything infinitely, then he was aware prior to even creating man the result would be them getting cast out of Eden. The result of man being cast out of Eden created everything that has happened past, present, and future. History has to many examples of unspeakable suffering. We have war, disease, pestilence, and genocide. Why would God go through with all of this knowing such things? 

The other question comes with the trees placed in the Garden of Eden. Why place the tree of knowledge, knowing Adam and Eve would eat from it? Why create the serpent which tempted them to eat said fruit? In chapter 3 verses 8-11, God comes to the garden, and Adam and Eve go into hiding. He was unable to find them so he had to call out. He seemed confused on why they were naked. It was Adam’s response of shame which prompted him to ask if they ate the fruit. If God were omnipresence he would have been there when they ate the fruit. If he knew he would have busted into the garden, and said “what did I tell you little fuckers about eating my fruit!”

The tree of knowledge adds one more question. If they ate of the tree of knowledge and gained infinite knowledge… why do we still have dumb and ignorant people in this world? Why did it take thousands of years to create electricity? If they gained all the knowledge on good and evil, then we would have the capacity to understand evil is bad, and good is good. If knew good was good, and preferable over evil, then mankind would never choose to be evil. The only way around this since we are created in Gods image and likeness then God is incapable of being inheritable good, which would mean he is also evil.

Remember the principle of the secluded middle says something either exists or it does not exist. In our examination of the Alpha and Omega concepts, we can only conclude God is incapable of existence. He could not have created man, and cannot possess any “omni” qualities; since he in logic does not exist.

We all walk separate spiritual paths; all leading to the same destination.

So lets stop wars and killings in the name of “God.”

I encourage anyone to challenge my thinking.

I can remember being young and attending Church. I was unable to take the sermons at face value, I needed to know more details in order to believe. When I consulted the church, the preacher could not answer my questions without fallibility. There are numerous puzzles contained within the Bible, which do not make perfect sense. I have for years tried to solve these puzzles within my own head. I continue to seek an answer beyond “it is the will of God, and we should not question God.” In my next two posts I would like to touch on two of these puzzles.

 Today I am going to focus on God omnipotence, and The Alpha and The Omega concept. Tomorrow I will focus on the creation story of Adam and Eve, and the claims of Gods omniscience, and omnibenevolence.

In Genesis and Revelations God is refered to as the Alpha and the Omega. Matthew, and Luke acknowledges his omnipotence. Psalms outlines his omniscience, and omnipresence. He is described as possessing omnibenevolence. When we examine the meaning of these words we leave the realm of logic, and see the fallibility within. In any theological examination we must look deeper, and not accept answers based on concepts of faith. Faith is our internal rationalizations, we use when truth is before our eyes.

Omnipotence: God is considered to be omnipotent, he possesses unlimited power. I am aware of two passages which reference this power;  “you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of Omnipotence,” (Matthew 26:64,) and “from this time forward the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of God’s omnipotence” (Luke 22:69.) I question this statement based on the concept of the “paradox of stone.”

The paradox stone challenges the concept of any being possessing unlimited power. The original paradox was called the paradox of omnipotence and asked several philosophical questions challenging this concept. The question about the stone was the one that stayed, and the paradox stone stuck. This paradox asks us “Can [an omnipotent being] create a stone so heavy that it cannot lift it?” This question generates a dilemma. The being can either create a stone which it cannot lift, or it cannot create a stone which it cannot lift. If the being can create a stone that it cannot lift, then it seems that it can cease to be omnipotent. If the being cannot create a stone which it cannot lift, then it seems it is already not omnipotent.

It is clear to me, this paradox denies the possibility of an omnipotent being existing. Since all monotheism religions believe in an omnipotent being, we must conclude their religious documents are incorrect. This paradox is irrelevant when examining the Alpha/Omega concept.

Alpha and Omega: When we examine logic with philosophical thinking; we are able to find small holes within this science. There are concepts in logic which are hard to ignore. Logic is founded upon four first principles of logic. The second and third principles not only prove logically the non-existence of a higher power, but debunks the claim of the Alpha (God) and Omega (Jesus) claim.

The principle of the excluded middle; challenges the existence of God in a Christianity sense. The principle states “there is no such thing as just becoming; there are only things that become.” The Alpha claim can therefore not be valid, God can not be the “beginning.” The computer on my desk did not just “become.” The computer is not a computer, without the existence of the parts, which make it a computer. The computer “becoming” depends entirely on their existence. Something either exists or it does not exist; there is no halfway point between the two.

The principle of sufficient reason furthers the reason above. It states that everything that actually exists has an explanation for its existence. What this means nothing is self-explanatory or the cause of it-self. For a thing to be a cause of itself, it would somehow have to precede itself; which makes no sense. In this we must conclude God is incapable of being the “beginning,” and the existence of God is proven false. If we conclude the absence of the Alpha (God), then examining the Omega (Jesus) is irrelevant since you can not have Jesus without the existence of God.

**I want to express I have no issues with peoples beliefs, and the Bible when followed in a philosophical sense possesses many good lessons, which provides us with strong morals.**