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My father came down to the cities a few weekends ago for a visit. I always enjoy when he comes down because we have some great theological and political discussions. He is one of the most intensely religious people I know. Our belief systems and political opinions are complete polar opposites. We will get into some heated arguments involving these subject.

My father is not your typical Christian. He is 100% against Sunday Christians, because he believes they have been deceived by Satan. He is very knowledgeable of the Word, and can repeat scriptures at the drop of the hat. He is a heavy dope smoker and is losing his memory so he can sometimes quote the same scriptures over and over again; which gets very annoying. He watches hours of evangelists on television finding various different ways to find out how they are not preaching what the Word really says. He will write letter after letter trying to show these churches the errors in their ways. He believes the seven letters referred to in Revelations is describing the major denominations out there. When he is not watching television preachers he is watching Fox News, and has some extreme political views as well with various different conspiracy theories, this also causes some heated debates.

On Saturday night he started to go off on his theory for why society has crumbled from within. He believes our downfall has to do when we threw God out of the schools and out of the government. He called us a Godless nation who has turned our backs on the Lord. Warning if we continue to turn our back on God; God will turn his back on us. I listened to his points of view as I always do. I would try to politely interject and give my views. Most of the times I do not bother because he refuses to let me finish a single thought. He is also completely unable to step out side of his belief system and look at things objectively.

It wasn’t until he brought up one of our major downfalls was our acceptance of homosexuality. He went on to say God hates the act, and compared our society to Sodom and Gomorrah. I immediately got filled with agitation, and could no longer hold my opinions back. I asked him why God would create a segment of the population he was predisposed to hate. He told me God does not hate the people he hates the act of homosexuality. I refrained my question asking him why God would create a segment of people who are predisposed to commit acts which he hates. His answer to me was people are not born gay; it is a learned behavior.

I had to scoff at this notion for the silliness it is. I tried to point out the existence of blatantly feminine men and obvious butch females. There is no way these are learned character traits. This has to be something these individuals are born with. We started to really get into it. He gave me the typical Sodom and Gomorrah references and said the famous quote “God made Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve.”  

This is a great example of why I will never accept the existence of God into my life. The fact people can read a book which teaches them to love their fellow man, yet teaches intolerance over something as trivial as being gay is a complete joke. I do not understand why in this day and age we have had such an issue with gay people getting married. The fact we are still debating the don’t ask don’t tell policy in our military is a joke. I could understand his concern if homosexuals were running around ass raping straight men in the streets. This would cause huge issues and a concern to the public. The facts are these things do not happen in the real world. Gay people are not sexual deviants who are a risk to be free in our society. Our world will not be affected in any way if we allowed gay’s to get married. Gay people deserve the right to go die in unjust wars just as straight men do. These things are facts yet because a book has some references to this as being bad; it cause’s our society to tweak out over the subject. How can my fathers claim that God has been thrown out of the government be true when that very same government is making laws based on what the Bible says?

One final thought. The Bible says one of the reasons for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was homosexuality was running rampant. God decided he hated this place so much he would rain down fire and brimstone. The question I have is why has he refrained himself from destroying us? The fire and brimstone episode was not the only reference to God destroying his children for naughty behavior. Why are we not being destroyed now? This is one of my arguments against the existence of God.

I am all over the board in my political views. There are topics I am liberal on and others I am conservative, or I may be split right down the center. Then there are the topics I have such a radical view on I had to create my own name for it called “Timism.” I coined this name during a Facebook debate which sparked off after I posted a quote by Karl Marx. I was more or less called a socialist sympathizer. I tried to explain any form of government is perfect in theory; it is people who screw them up. The Timism topic I would like to discuss today is about our inability to allow natural selection to take its natural course; my solution to this problem is definitely radical. 

Natural selection is the natural process that results in the survival and reproductive success of individuals or groups best adjusted to their environment and that leads to the perpetuation of genetic qualities best suited to that particular environment. With natural selection if a species or human are unable to survive they die off. There are many countries out there who are unable to survive without other nations helping them. Even with our help these nations are still shitholes. The only thing we are doing is prolonging the inevitable, and causing future generations to suffer the same things as the prior generation. I do not know anyone who would ask or choose to live under those types of conditions.  

I am unaware of the exact amount of money we spend a year holding up third world countries. I would imagine it is in the billions upon billions. In this country we feel it is our duty to ensure the survival of nations unable to survive themselves, we essentially becomes the welfare system for countries incapable of survival on their own. This is a drain on our economy, as well as the people. The money spent paying for the life support of other countries should instead be used on and for Americans.  

I think about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The people of America stood up and went to there aid. This is not a bad thing by any means I just find this interesting. Haiti was one of the poorest countries in the world. The people lived really shitty lives, and could not properly survive. The earthquake had to be one of the best things to happen to the survivors because it brought in a shitload of money; probably more money than that country has seen for a long time. I go back and forth on whether this is good or bad. I sometimes feel it is not our problem, and we should use that money to raise the salaries of our teachers. I then feel like it is dirty to just let them suffer. I tend to lean towards the opinion of it not being our problem. Haiti was a shithole before the earthquake, it was a shithole after the earthquake, and it will continue to be a shithole after all the aid money is gone. I feel our teachers deserve a higher salary, because this is investing in OUR future.   

I do not like the idea of people in other countries suffering from hunger disease, or genocide, but I also believe these things are of no concern of ours. I find it interesting that we will get so riled up about our welfare system or even the thought of using taxes to created universal healthcare, but we do not seem to hear people complain when our tax dollars go to supporting other countries. I wonder if people don’t say anything because they don’t want to come across as cruel. If this is the case then we are saying it is more socially acceptable to let our neighbors suffer, but not third world countries. The money used for supporting these countries has to come from somewhere (I should state I am not 100% this aid comes from our taxes.) I am not trying to be coldhearted; I just feel the money we are dumping into these countries should be used in America.       

I understand my “solution” to this issue may sound extreme, but sometimes extreme solutions are needed in order to have positive results for our society. I think we are so concerned about what other countries think about us, and we do things to show America in a brighter light. In this worry we tend to lose sight of issues on our own soil. I would be willing to guess many people think this way; they just don’t have the balls to openly say it. There is a reason the people in these countries are unable to care for themselves, and we should stop fighting the natural order of the universe. The strong survive, and the weak die off; no matter how cruel it may sound this is just how it is. In an age where we have cutting edge technologies and industry it just amazes me how there are still nations out there where people still live in straw huts, are void of sewage systems, and still lack the capacity to survive on their own.

What do you think?