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The No Fun League is at it yet again trying to ruin Americas Game. The powers that be have created a new rule in an attempt to protect the players. This new rule in effect will fine and suspend players for flagrant hits. It is my understanding this is; but not limited to helmet to helmet tackles, and the big hits safeties deliver over the middle. These types of hits are a staple of the NFL. When a receiver is going over the middle he should expect to get drilled by a safety, cornerback or linebacker. This is what separates the men from the boys. Players like Cris Carter made a name for himself being fearless over the middle. He knew he was going to get jacked, yet he still caught the ball. He was deaf to the footprints over the middle, and focused solely on catching the ball. He was a warrior who put his team before his own body. He was a football player.

There are a countless amount of football players who have made a name for themselves as fierce hitters. These gladiators waited over the middle licking their chops waiting to unleash unimaginable amounts of pain on whoever touched the ball. They were the enforcers of the team, and were respected and feared by the competition.  The one enforcer that comes to my mind first is Ronnie Lott. The opposing offense knew when they came in to play the San Francisco 49ers the receivers needed to be aware of Lott patrolling the middle of the field. The receivers knew if they wanted to go over the middle Lott would be waiting there for them to deliver a mighty hit. This fear factor changed the way teams played against the 49ers. This one man was able to change the course of a game, and how opposing offensive coordinators game planned.

Football is a mans game. Lott for example chose to have one of his fingers cut off so he wouldn’t miss any games. Jack Youngblood played with a broken leg so he could help his team in the playoffs. Brett Favre kept getting up after brutal hit by brutal hit in last years NFC Championship game. His ankle was completely destroyed. It takes a tough son of a bitch to put on those pads and strap on a helmet every Sunday. These men enter into battle every weekend with the goal of victory. This is why we love and admire these players. Limiting players like Ed Reed from being brutal and ruthless on the field is in effect taking him off the field. The NFL needs to realize they are taking away one of the greatest weapons of a defense. If a defense is able to get into the quarterbacks and wide receivers heads and alter their mindset; then the defense has already won. 

Over the years the National Football League has created new rule after new rule to help protect the players. The “Brady rule” for example was conceived when the New England Quarterback Tom Brady was injured the first game of the season and was lost for the year. This was after the New England Patriots undefeated regular season. The NFL had to create a rule to protect its big named quarterbacks. I can somewhat understand this, but these quarterbacks need to realize they are playing professional football, and in playing football you are going to get hit, and you are going to get hit hard. The true test of a football player is getting up off the ground and playing another set of downs. What’s next changing the game into flag football?

Changing this rule, and tacking on a punishment as stiff as suspension and losing a game check is going to cause the big hitters of today to not run full force like they should. The fear of accidently causing a helmet to helmet tackle will cause them to let up on the gas a bit. This will be a disadvantage to the defense, and a shame to the fans. This is going to rob the fans of one of the greatest elements of professional football the big hits. We tune in every Sunday to watch a war between two opposing teams. This is our version of the Roman Coliseum; these are our warriors. Why must we ruin the purity of the game? Injuries happen, and people get hurt. This is all part of the game. The owners know this, the players know this, and the fans know this. Taking away the raw violence of the game is to water down the greatest sport ever. I turn the television on every Saturday and Sunday to watch men battle men. To see the unscripted violence in full HD, I do not want to see timid defenders holding back because they are afraid of suspension. Let the gladiators’ loose and let them battle.