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On Saturday September 18th “Dylan Thomas: Finds His Courage” was published. This is a very exciting time, because I have been working on this project for the past seven months and I am very happy it has been released. This is the first installment in a long series of books based off my son Dylan. My other two children will also be included in every book. This series is geared towards 1-10 year olds; the stories will be varied in topic subjects. One book can be about Dylan being potty trained and one about Dylan’s first day at kindergarten. I have already started working on the next book “Dylan Thomas: Bedtime Songs.” I have a three to four week deadline to have it written and edited. I think I can honestly hit this deadline.

This book has a nice niche in the market, because it is written entirely in rhyming poetry. To my knowledge there are not many out there following this format. The first draft was written in story form but did not make it through the focus grood. Many people thought the story was rather boring. I decided to alter the story to write it in its current form. This edition was met with praise from the focus group.   

The next step is to start marketing it. I was able to put a link on WordPress but it would not allow me to add the picture which means readers will not see it. I viewed my site and all I see is a small box with a red X through it. I doubt this will draw people to the link where people can purchase the book. I posted a link on my Facebook status message, but these status messages get lost in the shuffle of Facebook posts. I can not figure out how to create a permanent link on my account. I do have my website where people can purchase the book, but I have very limited resources to advertise this site, so I receive very little traffic.

I need to get my Philosophy of Me business cards made up so I have the option to strike up conversations’ and hand them out to drive sales. I know these business cards will prove to be valuable when I finally start doing readings. I can also place advertisement on message boards. Nicole has found many sites where I can get professional reviews from which would provide great exposure and give me more things I can send to agents after the next installment comes out. I am a bit overwhelmed with all the reading material to get this started. Below are two links to where you can purchase this book. I received a comment from Johanna asking to see a preview of the book, and that preview is offered on the purchasing site.

I hope to get your support, the more sales the easier it will be to interest literary agents. It would also help if you could post the lulu link and either e-mail to family and friends and or post the link on your Facebook and ask people to repost. This worked great for my previous book.

On Friday I ordered my sample copy of “Dylan Thomas: Finds His Courage.” I should receive the copy in about a week or two. This book is the first installment in a series of children’s books I am writing. It has taken some time to finally get this thing together and ready to be published. My illustrator and I have learned some valuable lessons during this process. I hope these learning tools will aid us in our future installments. The main thing we learned was having the book edited prior to starting the illustration phase, and we have decided each book will have its own separate illustration style. This will be nice because we can keep things fresh.

If everything looks good this book should be available for sale end of September or early October. I really hope everything turns out on paper as well as it shows on the computer. I am worried the quality will be less than perfect, and the illustrations rely heavily on bright eye popping illustrations. If the quality does not come out we may need to look for another printing company which will only further delay its release. 

This series of books is based around my son Dylan. I chose to use his middle name Thomas because Dylan Thomas is the name of one of my favorite poets. Since the series will always be written in rhyming poetry I feel the name is perfect. The stories will always star my son, but each one of my kids will be in the story as well; in fact every character and location in these books will be based off people and locations I know. We will be publishing one more book “Dylan Thomas: Bed Time Songs,” which I am currently writing. Once this one is published I will begin to shop these books off to literary agents in hopes of getting published by one of the larger publishing houses. I understand I have a much better chance of achieving my dream of becoming a full-time author with this series as opposed to my poetry and blog.

I hope to get the support of my readers so I can show agents solid sales numbers. I will let everyone know the day it is released.

In many marriages where one of the spouses has a mental illness much of the burden is transferred to the “normal” partner. My marriage is no different. My wife has taken care of me for eleven years, and without her guidance I wonder where my life would have turned out. I am grateful to have such a wonderful wife and mother to my children. She has stuck with me through my ups and downs. I think she deals with more shit than most wives out there and 95% of the time she does it with love, compassion, and sometimes understanding. I just found out she got a promotion today, and feel I should tell the world how proud I am of her.

I am in amazement how she has grown and prospered at her current job. Her time there is by far the longest stint at a job; she is celebrating five years of employment. Since the start of our relationship she has grown leaps and bounds in employment responsibility. I have had troubles holding down a job in the past, I am currently entering my third year at this job and if I can make it another year then I would have beat my record; so five years is such a great accomplishment. Her progress and worth to her company is invaluable. I admire her endless knowledge and dedication to her employer. Now that she has been promoted she will be in her first managerial position, which is so great.

Her skills as a mother are unmatched. The way she stays on top and in tuned with our children is simply unbelievable. I have no clue how she can balance everything and manage to be like a hawk with the kids. She has instilled such good morals in our oldest son Austin; he is truly turning into such a wonderful man. I have never known a kid, or adult for that manner who is so Zen. He reminds me of a Taoist Sage without even knowing anything about Taoism. I sometimes wonder if Rambling is really my wife and son combined. He would not be the man he is becoming without the aide and guidance of my wife. We have our work cut out for us on our two younger children. If she is able to mold them into what our oldest son is I would say she should win mother of the decade!

My wife is the most selfless person I have ever known. She always puts the needs of the family first. In a weeks time she may take five hours for herself no matter how hard I try to get her to just slow down and relax. She has always been the hand lifting me from my darkness; even if I refuse to see her hand. I just want her to know how much I appreciate her, and how lucky I am to have her in my life. You and our children are the single most wonderful things to happen in my life.

I love you.

As I survey the classroom, I see parents sitting with their kids doing projects on parents day. The room is full, yet I see empty chairs. I begin doing a project with my daughter, and I see how happy she is. I become consumed with these empty chairs, I look around the room and see many expressions. I see happiness as parents interact with their children, I see the excitement on the children’s faces as they show off their accomplishments, and still I see those empty chairs. Next to those empty chairs are sad and numb boys and girls sitting by themselves. I counted ten such children and they all had one thing in common; an uncomfortable sadness filled their expressions. They look up at the door from time to time, hoping someone would walk through the door, each time a ray of disappointment embraces their expression.

One of the assignments for the parents was to write ten things they love about their children. The parentless girl sitting behind us was writing what her parents would say. I could tell this girl was starving for attention. I tried my best to interact with her, but seeing what she wrote was heartbreaking. The girl sitting next to her did no work, her head just slumped on her desk. I am sure she was trying to hide her tears. I see the parentless children, looking at the kids whose parents came. I sensed their sadness increasing. My daughters best friend, was one of the parentless children. She said that my dad doesn’t do things like this. She must have been in pain, because my  daughter was concerned about her. I offered to sit with her, but she declined. She sat there with her hands on her head; just staring into space.

The girl sitting next to my daughter, the one who looked up at that door every few minutes, only to be  disappointed every time. Towards the end she was consumed with so much grief she had to leave  the classroom. Finally with two minutes left on parent day she got her wish, her father finally came. I suppose it is better late then never. I was overcome with sadness for these poor kids. I wanted to give each of them a hug, and fill them with positive affirmations. I think what bothered me most, was my realization that I used to be one of those parents.

I was young when I was supposed to be a parent to my oldest son, and I had no interest in school activities. It was not a priority for me, thank god my wife had the correct priorities. I have grown over the years, and I can not imagine missing these important childhood experiences for my children. I enjoyed seeing the happiness on her face, I just wish this happiness could have been shared by all her classmates. I wondered is an activity like this a good idea? Is it fair to expose these parentless children. Is it right to put them through this sadness?

I wondered where these parents were, did they have some big meeting to attend, I would assume there will be many more meetings to attend, but very few parents day. I wondered if these parents were sucking on the bottle, or some other substances. You can clearly see the children who come from homes, which are diseased with addiction. I thought of the parents who had nothing planned for the day, yet chose not to attend. I feel for these children, and to any parents who are reading this remember there is nothing more important then your children.