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I would like to apologize for missing a day last week, and getting this installation out to you guys later in the day as usual. As my regular readers may already know I started my leave on Wednesday of last week, and I have had a hard time falling into a routine. I am a creature of habit and anytime these routines are altered I have a hard time coping with such things. I have also been having trouble focusing long enough to do an actual post. When I went in to see my med doctor Monday of last week he altered my meds a bit. First he raised the dosage of some of my existing meds, and in addition he added a rather extreme heavy duty med to go along with my other heavy duty meds. He also decided to stop my Adderall while I am out of work. This last med adjustment is the hardest to adjust to. If I did not take my Adderall during the day I would get absolutely nothing accomplished. I would have lost my job eons ago if this were not prescribed to me. My med doctor has me off these meds until I go back to work, so doing any writing of any kind is damn near impossible. It took me two hours to write that short piece on Wednesday and almost six hours to write the one on Friday. This is not like me; I am usually able to write a post in fifteen to twenty minutes so the whole process is very draining on me. My wife thinks I should not worry about my writing during this period I am off, but I can’t go off the radar for three weeks.

I saw my therapist doctor on Tuesday and Thursday of last week and, and I was not too happy about the paperwork she did because she got very detailed about what was going on. I was worried, embarrassed, and ashamed to bring it to work today. Now you may have caught on the “today” piece. Yes I am here today, but that is only because there are many aspects of my job, that no one but myself can do. I started to freak out about today starting on Friday. I was in constant panic and anxiety over having to come back to work even if it is only for today. I am relieved I only have another hour to go. I have been having attacks ever since I got here this morning, and I have been breaking out in sweats all day and I am sure I smell funky.  

It felt nice last week to just lay and rest during the week. Both of my doctors agreed I needed to be taken out of any kind of stress or over stimulation, and to do my best to sleep all I can. This is great concept during the day because no one is home, but once kids get home this is damn near impossible. I must say that my wife has been doing a wonderful job keeping me out of harms way.

I again just want to apologize if my posts are sporadic, or maybe just even poorly planned out. I will continue to do my best to deliver quality posts as I usually try to do, and promise no more posts like the one I did on Wednesday of last week. After I posted that thing last week I had a “what the f was I thinking!” What made it worse was the damn thing took me two hours. I will be back to the normal routine on Monday February 28th, until then I will do my best to stay current.