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Lust:  Is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

The sin of lust was important in controlling population growth. Just as the sin of gluttony was used to control overeating, with the intent of preserving resources, lust ensured that the population would not grow larger than what the resources could supply.

If the people were left to their own free will they would fuck like bunnies. The escalated birth’s that would follow could be devastating to the Empire. Over population not only would be a strain on the resources, but it would give the peasants increased power because they would outnumber the ruling class.

In reality there is absolutely nothing wrong with lust, or lustful thinking, regardless of what religion in general says about it. If the human species cleansed themselves of lustful thinking or actions our species would slowly die off. I agree that lust can create problems, and ruin lives. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with on an individual basis, not regulated to the entire human species. Is it considered a sin when animals mate? Human beings are mammals, the only difference between us and our distant relatives, is the complexity of our thoughts and emotions about having sex.

There was a comment made by a reader on part 3, I want to comment quick. I agree that any of the seven deadly sins, when taken from one extreme to the other can be destructive. The issue I am trying to point out is using religion to control a population is wrong. Playing on the fears and weaknesses of uneducated people to further your agenda is repressive. I see this for what it is, because I am not lost in the fairy tale. I have read the Bible; once for salvation, once for school, and once with logic. I can say God gave man freewill, and the ability to choose life or death. He urges us to choose life. If the almighty afforded his children this right, shouldn’t man do the same?