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About two years ago Fox debut a new show called “Glee.” When I saw the promo spots for this show I thought to myself; “there is no f’ing way I am watching this show!” I was flipping through the channels one boring night when I came across Glee. I stopped for a moment to give it a try. I was immediately drawn in to the cheesy story line and the way the cast busted out into song ala “Grease.” The first season they did a ton of retro songs that were relevant to my childhood and teen years. I enjoyed the various different spins they would put on some of my favorite songs. I enjoyed the “musical play” aspect of the show so much I went out and bought each album they produced. I kept my new found label as a “Gleek” a secret. I would hide in shame and snack on Goldfish while I sang along in my head.

The next season my whole family got involved in watching Glee. My wife at first was hesitant and thought the show was very bad, but she was soon just as hooked in as we were. The creators of the show did another fantastic job of putting together more cheesy storylines and the song choices were fantastic as well. In time laying down and watching Glee became a family tradition. I still figured I should watch who I tell about my secret joy of watching Glee to. Perhaps it is the masculine side of me saying it is very feminine to enjoy this show. I don’t know what to say I am a sucker for show tunes. If I had the courage I would be on stage doing plays just willy nilly dancing around and singing my heart out.  

Entering into the third season of Glee I can honestly say I am no longer a fan. The show still has its cheesy storylines, but they just seem played out. The show still has the cast suddenly without notice breaking out into song and dance, but the song choice is just horrendous. This will be the first time I choose not to get the newest Glee album. When we all lay down to watch this show it has become a form of sadistic torture just to get through it. Five minutes feels like five hours! It is so bad, where every night when the kids want to watch it I have to do Jedi mind tricks on them so they become distracted and forget about it. I think in order for me to get through the remainder of this season I am going to have to have a few stiff drinks to numb my mind.

I am getting really tired with the poor lonely gay kid story. I understand they may be trying to bring to light the bullying that goes on to kids who are openly gay and I acknowledge it, but it has grown tired. I also do not think they should show two female cheerleaders making out. I also think those same damn cheerleaders should wear something to school other than their cheerleading outfits. Finally please for the love of God write the kid in the wheelchair off the show! Every time they do a number and his dumbass is just wheeling around it causes rage. I think where I really lost it was when the kid in the wheelchair was allowed to play football and scored a touchdown. How hard is it to push a crippled kid in a wheelchair over? Finally please explain to me how spontaneous song breakouts can be choreographed so well. There are so many things about this show that make me want to pull my hair out, yet I continue to watch.

This show can be saved by choosing better songs. I do not think doing an entire show on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a good idea. They had a really good thing going in the first two seasons. They chose songs from the past and songs from today. What I liked about it was hearing a new spin on songs I like. Although the “Horror Picture Show” was an okay movie, I do not think you are going to find a large audience who has either seen it, or would subject themselves to listing to the Glee cast singing them. I will continue to watch this show, but not because I enjoy it I will be watching this because my kids enjoy it. I truly hope they get their shit together and realize they are ruining a great thing.

I am a huge fan of the Fox show “24.” I have seen every season, and with each episode the show left me salivating for next week. I am sad to say; the current season of “24” is a huge disappointment. The only purpose this season holds is it works great to fall asleep to.

The story line is more of the same, yes every season is about the same topic, but in prior years they added intriguing and interesting side stories. In certain years you always suspect someone is on the inside, and it was enjoyable trying to figure it out. This year it seems very predictable to guess who is the deceiver. I am bored with the whole thing.

I also think this show has served it’s purpose and continuing it only affects how we will remember it. I feel it is getting extremely un-believable, yes I could accept all the internal bad guys. I am getting tired of the story twists where someone within the government is evil. I know politicians are far from honest, but to believe season after season there is someone in our government who is trying to destroy us is getting played out.

I am also sick of the main character Jack Baur. His behaviour and character traits are getting annoying. He either whispers like a douche, or screams like a rage aholic. The current President is annoying as well, I did not like her last season, and I was disappointed she came back.

The new CTU characters are dull and boring as well, I don’t know about you but it is hard to take Freddy Prince Junior seriously. He is more a pussy than a bad ass. I also can not stand the woman he is marrying, there is no way she could hide her true identity enough to qualify to work at CTU. The process to become a FBI agent is almost a year-long, and I would assume this job requires a little more extensive interview process. I can not stand the side story line where this one guy at CTU keeps hitting on this chick. I think she is hideously disgusting, and I am sick of them trying to infer she is attractive. Perhaps this computer geek is consistently intoxicated and has permanent beer goggles on. Finally I can no longer stand Cloe, and her constant facial expressions. This woman looks like she is constantly constipated.

I will continue to watch this season it serves its purpose as a visual sedative. The story line of the good guys preventing  terrorist attacks within a twenty-four hour period is getting dull. I would recommend the writers of “24” make next season their last. I hope they have enough balls to give this show a proper send-off ala “The Shield.”

Overall I give this season 1 out of 5 stars. I think everyone involved with this season of “24” should be ashamed of themselves for ruining a classic show.