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Cancel culture has taken over in the media. The right is complaining because people on the right are getting sued, losing jobs, and just overall finally being held accountable for their lies.

First I cant take anyone seriously when they are complaining they are being censored while simultaneously speaking to millions of people.

I find it amusing that a party that is so gun-ho on capitalism is complaining about this. People are not being canceled they are losing their jobs or platform because the market dictates it. A company has every right to cut ties with those that will harm their brand. That’s our businesses making these decisions not our government.

I havent written on here in years. Its not because I had nothing to say, its my ability to say it. After 2 rounds of ECT my brain hasn’t been the same. I apologize if this is a bit disorganized.

Over the last four years I have been closely following the madness that has become our country. I have consumed all forms of media from both sides to try and figure out why we no longer exist within a shared reality.

Trump, Fox, and right wing media has managed to convinced its viewers that they are the only ones they can trust, and everyone else lies. This has divided the country and families. I no longer have a relationship with my dad because he thinks I am brainwashed by Communist China because I support things like a fifteen dollar minimum wage, and Universal Healthcare.

Its a classic cult technique to isolate its members until they have been locked in the same eco chamber. They constantly push fear mongering because those who are afraid are easier to manipulate. Add in their stupid phrases and names such as “Russian Collusion Delusion” “Sleepy Joe” and the many others you hear from people like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh catering to the lowest common denominator. They are constantly repeating the same phrases over and over until people believe them as facts.

I could go on but I am not sure if what I have already written makes any sense.