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I would like to apologize for missing a day last week, and getting this installation out to you guys later in the day as usual. As my regular readers may already know I started my leave on Wednesday of last week, and I have had a hard time falling into a routine. I am a creature of habit and anytime these routines are altered I have a hard time coping with such things. I have also been having trouble focusing long enough to do an actual post. When I went in to see my med doctor Monday of last week he altered my meds a bit. First he raised the dosage of some of my existing meds, and in addition he added a rather extreme heavy duty med to go along with my other heavy duty meds. He also decided to stop my Adderall while I am out of work. This last med adjustment is the hardest to adjust to. If I did not take my Adderall during the day I would get absolutely nothing accomplished. I would have lost my job eons ago if this were not prescribed to me. My med doctor has me off these meds until I go back to work, so doing any writing of any kind is damn near impossible. It took me two hours to write that short piece on Wednesday and almost six hours to write the one on Friday. This is not like me; I am usually able to write a post in fifteen to twenty minutes so the whole process is very draining on me. My wife thinks I should not worry about my writing during this period I am off, but I can’t go off the radar for three weeks.

I saw my therapist doctor on Tuesday and Thursday of last week and, and I was not too happy about the paperwork she did because she got very detailed about what was going on. I was worried, embarrassed, and ashamed to bring it to work today. Now you may have caught on the “today” piece. Yes I am here today, but that is only because there are many aspects of my job, that no one but myself can do. I started to freak out about today starting on Friday. I was in constant panic and anxiety over having to come back to work even if it is only for today. I am relieved I only have another hour to go. I have been having attacks ever since I got here this morning, and I have been breaking out in sweats all day and I am sure I smell funky.  

It felt nice last week to just lay and rest during the week. Both of my doctors agreed I needed to be taken out of any kind of stress or over stimulation, and to do my best to sleep all I can. This is great concept during the day because no one is home, but once kids get home this is damn near impossible. I must say that my wife has been doing a wonderful job keeping me out of harms way.

I again just want to apologize if my posts are sporadic, or maybe just even poorly planned out. I will continue to do my best to deliver quality posts as I usually try to do, and promise no more posts like the one I did on Wednesday of last week. After I posted that thing last week I had a “what the f was I thinking!” What made it worse was the damn thing took me two hours. I will be back to the normal routine on Monday February 28th, until then I will do my best to stay current.

I work as the Staffing Coordinator at a nursing home in Minnesota. One of my primary goals is to make sure the facility is staffed at all times; I also handle the schedules among other things. My days are spent doing the same routine over and over again. If I am derailed from my routine I become anxious and confused. Now obviously there are minor interruptions, but I have grown accustom to these and they rarely derail me, but for the most part I need my routine to function. On every other Monday I need to do payroll for the last two weeks. I do this for around seventy people in the nursing department, and about twenty-five lodge workers. This is the first thing I do on these Mondays, but yesterday decided to throw me a curveball. I sat at my desk and started to do payroll. I noticed everything was messed up; our time clock broke on Thursday. Apparently the time clock did not record any punches from the 30th to the 2nd. My boss instructed me to exit this program so they can try and fix it. This was devastating to me.

I was so lost and I was doing a little here and a little there, but not being able to stay focused on one single task. I was so scattered brain; causing everything to fall apart around me. I was having anxiety attacks all day, which some turned to pure panic. I was still able to get work done but I was in a haze of confusion. I struggled to do my other Monday tasks, but it was difficult since I was doing it at a different time, and the knowledge of not being able to do my first task. One of the things I do at the end of the day is deliver the staffing book along with the schedules for the next day to each floor. These schedules are crucial to the function of the nursing department. Without these schedules the place would erupt into chaos and order would break down. Nobody would know which floor or unit they were on. If this was left for the twenty-seven employees to try and figure out where they are supposed to be it would be random chaos. You can almost guess where this is going.

I am getting ready to wind down for the day. My routine is taking two of my sedatives at 7:00pm, and the remainder between 8-9pm. I took a double dose of my seven o’clock meds because I was all manic from my destroyed day. I started my nightly routine of trying to shut myself down. Now at 8:15 I take my next round of sedatives which include three separate meds. I must add I take these medications because I suffer from insomnia, and if you add in mania with insomnia it is very hard to shut myself down and go to sleep. So I am watching a movie and I am not feeling really tired and I am starting to panic around 9:30. I go upstairs and take another sedative to try and get me to sleep. It is now 10pm and I am just starting to fall asleep when my phone rings, and it is my work informing me there are no schedules in the staffing book for the next day. My office is locked, so I have no choice but to drive into work and get the schedules out.

I was really groggy and close to sleep. I noticed when I was talking to my wife my words were slurring. I live in Shakopee and work in Plymouth. It is a straight shot down 169 from my house to my work, but is a longer drive. It had snowed earlier so I was worried about the ice on the road. As I start driving I can tell I am really fucked up, and that this is going to be one hell of a journey. I was swerving all over the road and feared I would be pulled over. I am not aware of the laws, but I am sure if I got pulled over and told the cop I am driving on sedatives I would probably be arrested for a DUI. I know I would have never passed the field sobriety test. I at this point started praying and hoping I don’t crash or get pulled over.

One of the many side affects of taking all my medication is nausea. If I stay up to long after taking them I get really ill, so now I am driving not only fucked up out of my gourd, but I also feel like I am going to vomit. To make a long story short I made it to work stumbled to my office and up to the floors to deliver the schedules. At this point the nausea and grogginess has gotten much worse. I make it to my car and proceed to head home. It is snowing at this point, and I suffer from severe anxiety driving in adverse weather, so now I am sick, fucked up, and starting to suffer from a panic attack. I ended up driving around 40mph on a 65mph highway swerving from here to there. Obviously since I am writing this I made it home okay. I stumbled in the door holding back vomit and just struggling to get to bed. I think once I laid down I was out in two minutes. It was a scary and crazy experience, and looking back on it now I can chuckle to how close I was to either crashing or getting pulled over. Perhaps my prayers were answered; wouldn’t that be something.

****I need to add a side note to this post. I received a comment from Rambling asking why I didn’t have my wife drive me, and how I could have endangered the lives of another person. To be honest I was not even thinking about it. This makes me sound like a total douche. I got the call and ran out the door because I had no choice but to go. This of course does not excuse my stupidity, because I have a strict driving while intoxicated policy. If I have one drink I will not drive for the entire day. It is amazing how I did not even think about this.

My work is very multi-cultural; we have people working here from many different parts of the earth, but primarily are employees are from Africa. Many times things go very smoothly where there is no culture shock on either side. The two areas where there is conflict are in personal hygiene and inappropriate behaviors. The behavior aspect is our African employees gain up on and harass the white employees until they quit. This is a serious problem, but not the focused concern. The topic today is personal hygiene.

I deal with many of the nursing assistants concerns on a regular basis. There are times they stop in my office to speak to me about this or that. Today I had a gentlemen come in who stunk the shit out of my office. The smell was a mixture of nasty cologne and intense body odor. I politely tried to cover my nose because I was about to vomit. I was filled with joy when our conversation ended and he left. You would think with him leaving the worst is over with right? Wrong. The worst part was not the initial stinkiness it was the lingering stank odor which stuck around long after he departed. I was patiently waiting for the smell to go away. After about five minutes of covering my nose and trying to refrain from vomiting; I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I tried getting up and fanning my door back and forth trying to get the odor out of my office. This proved to be a futile venture. I then grabbed my cologne and started spraying every inch of my office. This two did not take the problem away and it may have even made it worse. I am now out of options and fear I may be stuck the rest of the day. It has been two hours now and the smell is still lingering. I am afraid if people walk into my office I will be blamed for this monstrosity. This will simply not do. I am contemplating putting a sign on my door saying “it is not me.”

I know with how potent the smell I cannot be the only one left with burning nostrils. I am sure the residents are left with the burden of smelling this man. I would hope management would pull him aside and tell him he is being disrupted in the workplace and to please follow proper hygiene. I know I was confronted with this very same conundrum at my previous job. Instead of pulling this guy aside and telling him to take a shower we held a company wide meeting with one of the topics being appropriate hygiene in the workplace. I am all for people keeping their culture when they move to America, but there should be a few things we demand of people when assimilating them into our society. I can think of a few things we should expect from immigrants, and one of them should be the requirement of daily showering. Preferably with soap.

“The quest for riches darkens the sense of right and wrong.”

I believe the greatest evil to come from man is greed. It destroys everything and everyone it touches. When we thirst for money, power, and respect we will bend what we consider to be right or wrong in order to justify the actions we have to do to achieve these ends. I think greed changes a man just as greed has completely destroyed our country. If broken down to the basics it can be said that greed has become more destructive than war. If we think about it war would not be possible if there was not greed behind it. I think everything dirty and wrong with man is rooted in greed. This very thing was responsible for the downfall of every great empire, and we have paved a road of gold leading to our downfall.

I know this to be true in my own experience. Prior to taking a job as a collector at Universal Acceptance Corp, I was a laid back Zen type of person. I had semi-strong morals and ethics. I was against greed, and against corporate America. I took the job as a collector and to be honest I had no expectations on what would become of me at this next stop. I had zero aspirations to achieve a higher status than a collector. I was in school during this time so I looked at this job as a pit stop. I figured I would work there for a year or two; then when I finished my degree I would be out. I didn’t end up moving on because my degree was in philosophy so it’s not like this opened a ton of new doors for me. I really do not know what I was thinking about there.

I had about nine years of management under my belt prior to taking this job. The person who interviewed me told me there was possibility of advancement, but I really wasn’t feeling it. After all these years I was sort of burned out from management. I wanted a job I could just go to then leave work at work; you know nothing really serious. I was not looking forward to doing collections because it was; well collections. This required a cold hearted person with a certain tact which I lacked. I am a very timid and shy, so I was not looking forward to having to be assertive. To my surprise I was very good at what I did. I managed to put some humanity into my position which worked better than the hard collect. I thoroughly enjoyed the bonuses, and when I saw how fast this company was expanding I set my eyes onto a management role. I worked my ass off until I was finally promoted. I started as a soft collector but over time turned to a pure dick collector because I understood my advancement depended upon it.

I stepped on friends and became cutthroat when it came time for the company to choose those who were to enter into the management training program. I remember there were six of us and only two spots. I was eventually promoted.  Now that I was managing my own team I learned about this company’s concept of the bottom line, and the things needed of me to achieve this. I of course excelled at my position and embraced this company’s philosophy and culture. The longer I worked for this company and the more I learned about how they did things the more I realized how evil this company was. They were predators feeding off those in dire straights. I went along with this and kept bending and changing my morals and ethics all in the name of advancement and bigger paychecks. Because of the years of bending and twisting my core values at work, I began to bend and twist my core values as a human being.

I did this all in the name of greed. I wanted more money so I could buy more stuff to fill my life with accomplishments and possessions. I can tell you by experience wealth and status is not that important. I contributed to the destruction of countless amounts of people, and I did this so my paycheck would be larger. We all contribute to this culture of greed. We bathe in it, and become intoxicated with filling our ego. This is not the way to live. This is not the way to treat your fellow man. We need to replace greed with charity and compassion. This is the only way we can right this ship off the path of destruction. Sadly in our current economic structure this will never be possible.

There are many vital life skills not being taught in our public schools, such as balancing your finances, managing your credit score, resume writing, and interviewing skills among others. In my many years of management I have found many people are shitty at the latter. I have seen laughable resumes, and countless others bomb interviews. I can tell within the first five minutes whether someone would make a viable candidate for the job. I have ended numerous ones right after the first question. In my experience not all the blame should be placed on our schools. Parents, upbringing, and just plain ignorance are all factors as well. Here are a few of my observations over the years.

  1. Give your children normal names, and please stop being cute by misspelling the name. It not only makes you as the parent look like a complete douche; it also hinders your children in the long run. In the book “Freakonomics” Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt but this to the test by conducting a study where they sent out identical applications, one with a traditional name spelled correctly, and the other with a “unique” or African American name. The hiring managers chose the traditional name at an extremely high percentage.
  2. This is not “American Idol” never argue with the person responsible for hiring you. I had a girl come in today as a walk-in interview. I saw she did not have the type of nursing home experience we were looking for. She also could not manage to stay at one employer for more than 4 months. I tried to break it to her easy by explaining she lacked the type of experience we are looking for. Instead of accepting this at face value, she started to argue with me. Finally after 15 minutes I had to be brutally honest with her, and proceeded to point out all of her short comings. This was not clear enough for her, and she continued to argue. I finally told her I would need to give it a lot of thought… two hours later she called me to ask if I had time to think about it.
  3. Check the ghetto at the door. The one thing that will get me every time is when someone comes to an interview all ghetto fabulous. What you do and who you are outside of work is none of my concern; what is my concern is how you will be at work. Last time I checked we are still speaking English NOT Ebonics. There is a huge difference between the office and the street, if you are too ignorant to tell the difference… It probably explains why you are currently unemployed.
  4. If you can’t understand/speak fluent English don’t apply for a job that requires those skills. The interview will be cut real short if I have to work really hard at rewording a question because you don’t understand me. Then when you do speak I cannot understand a single word coming out of your mouth. I have no problem with people coming to this country for better opportunities, but know your limitations, and continue to improve on that skill.
  5. Being late or too early. If an interviewee is late or shows up early they are immediately disqualified from being hired. I am probably more annoyed with someone showing up early because it shows a complete lack of respect for the interviewer. There is a reason the interview was set up for this specific time; it this is a form of narcissism in that they feel someone should drop what they are doing to accommodate them.
  6. Coming to the interview stoned. I used to party a lot back in the day so I can spot and smell a fucked up person a mile away. What someone does outside of work is their choice and I am in no place to judge them. What gets me is when you take it to work with you. If you are capable of showing up to an interview stoned, then you will most likely show up to work stoned.
  7. Dressing slutty. I do not like when females come to an interview with a short skirt or low cut shirts showing off cleavage. There are woman out there who attempt to use their looks to gain employment. This tactic is used most when they find out they are interviewing with a man. This is very distracting and diverts my attention to the task at hand. This shows the interviewee lacks the self-esteem to get hired based on their own merits.
  8. Please do not harass me. I think it is appropriate to follow-up with a call thanking me for interviewing them. I hate it when they call multiple times enquiring about the status of their application. I am not a smart man, but I do know if I interview with a company and they do not call me back chances are I didn’t get the job. There have been a few situations where a person called me so many times I had to tell them to stop calling.

Every manager is different on their pet peeves, but I would be willing to guess many of these bother them. I recommend my readers to not fall into any of these traps. I can guarantee if you are interviewing with me and fall into any of these categories I can guarantee you will not be hired.