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I have completed my next two poem books “Yin” and “Yang.” I am only waiting on the cover design from my illustrator. These two books represent the yin/yang duality going on inside of me. It represents my internal struggle of the dark and the light living inside of me. I am excited about these two poetry installments. “Yin” is filled with darker poems chronicling my darkest feelings. Yin is my essence which is currently destroying my life. “Yang” represents the light in my life. This light is the only string keeping me from spiraling into insanity. I have decided to use my political poems inside of these two books instead of creating a separate book.

I will be self publishing these two books and shop around to agents after my next installment of Dylan Thomas is available. I imagine if I present four separate books to agents I may have a better chance of being signed since I have four completed books. For those of you who enjoyed “My Descent into Madness” I can guarantee you will enjoy these next two installments. Personally I think these poems are much better than the poems in my first book. These poems are still written with intense no holding back emotions.

Once I publish these books, and make up business cards I will be prepared to start doing poetry readings around the city. If any of my Minnesota readers are interested come check me out. I will be posting dates and locations on my Facebook page. I will let everyone know when these two books are available for sale.